Never Trust Girls

Never Trust Girls
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tRusting A giRl iS like stanDing inFront of a mOving Train…tHe reSult of b0th arE samE !!

every girls is not as u thought.if this things boys do then.i am paralise with polio.i told evrything to my bf when he purposed me.and now he saying he dont knw about tht. i also love my boyfrnd a lot but now he left me for other girl. for whom i lost my family , my friends, even my own self respect for his happiness also.i give him every happiness as he wants.but yet m waiting for him to come backeven i knw he is wrong. i am still waiting.even he blamed me badly for everything just he wants to leave me out.after 6 months he accpted tht he had gfs on net only to see girls nude.he is completly addicted to net sex. he misused my can u all guys can say these all things about girls.u guys hving option to be with anothr gf.but girls who loved truly,sacrifies everything for her lover could never trust anyone in her complte life. u guys cannot leave ur parents for ur love. but girls can.wel done u guys. u got birth from a girl as ur mom, u got rakhi from ur girls as ur sister. u guys using girls as your time pass. and still saying girls are not good. SHAME ON THIS WORLD.
u all must have to see both sides before blameing only girls….

u all guys tell me what was my fault if i am paralised with polio?

wel done u guys to blame only girls for everything.
kabhi soch k dekhna k har ladki kisi na kisi ki bhen aur beti hoti hai….

aggr apki ho to.?????

every girl says all girls are not the same,but the fact is all are the same..big time cheaters and liars!!!.

heyy its nt always rtrue ki all grlzz r of dat type…u guyz nvr understand…..hum ladkiyan insaan nai hote kya…..par u boyz nvr tried 2 understand ek ladki ko janne ke liye u hav 2 bcum her close frnd n den after ull cum 2 kwn wats der in her heart

u can say whatever but the truth is betrayal is the second name of a girl

main koi aashiq nahi hu bt whereas i know ladkian ke paas attitude k alawa kuch nahi hota agar naam v puch lo to aise react karti hai jaise line maar rahe ho….a huge middle finger salute to all those girls who shows attitude

sach hai……..sach hai………sach hai…….. zaalm ladkiya

all girls are cheater eh sacha pyar nahi kardiyan

don’t ever fall in love,it’s a waste…………this is true……………….!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, thnx the persons who upload this type of awesome images.. tkat’s the true history of girls.. i want more.. keep it up dude..

girls r never trustable……

Hey Preet, you don’t hav to be senti… You think so because you are physically disable. If you were not so then you never think so. Then you had attitude like other girls…..
And where as d quwstion of my mother & sis…… then let me confirm u….. that they love me a lot … that is why I m also. And guys always except these from other girls that they love them more than anybody in this world. In ur case you love him because, might b he is d only option for u. if u were another option then u never say so. If anybody have polio its not his/her fault. if he his richer, has everything then this is also not his fault. When we don’t have anything we always blame to GOD…Why me? wht is my fault…?….. and if we got everything from God..then we never ask from anything to him

me b trust krta tha ek ldki usne mujhe bhut hurt kiya..galti uski thi.fir mene mnane k koshish ki pr she is happy wdout me…so don’t blieve grls

hai ans kisi ldki k paas
kyu boys ?

girl never understand true love they always b’lve on fake love then said boys r flirter

really never trust girls….

i think it’s true, never trust girl coz they don’t have brain to identify between right and wrong, if a guy is not in love he is only interested in there physical appearance they will stick to that boy but if a guy loves him a lot then she will leave him and try to find other guys

All girls are cheaters, they are never really bothered about feelings, they just pretend to and take the advantage.

never trust guys….they will never understand abt a girl’s feeling,either her friendship or love.They care abt their life n they r selfish always n playing game with a girl’s life.

ohhhhhhh….never trust any girl………

ya guys all girls are same . they use aur emotions . they use us . they play with our heart. all girls r heartless. wo kahte hain na.-tu apni sham barbad mat kar
uske liye apne aansu barbad mat kar
ladkiyonki niyat hoti he fasana
tume tanha choda uske liye apni jindagi barbad mat kar

har ladki kisi ki bhen or beti hoti hai to jinki jindgiyo ke sath Dhoka karti hai bo kisi ka beta ya bhi hi hota hia ….. never trust girls …

Absltly crrct… It ‘s ma advce 2 all da guys in da whl wrld Dnt trst grls….


i knw that ,,,,,pyaar har kisi ke nasib me nai hota…….ladke log pyaar me jaan de dete hai,par ladkiyaa jaan le leti hai…bht si ladkiyann hai jo pyaar ko sirf khel samajti hai bas….
tear is the last gift of love…its proved..
i loved a girl…she was very caring …but as soon as the tym passed…she changed herself…

tumhe dekh kar hum muskuraya karte hai
ajj usne rula diya
usne toh phone kiya nai..
jab meine kiya toh..
caller tune tha
tujhe bhula diya
…………..thats all

in the same pic….. what another guy was doing……. he know that she is loving that guy. then why he is holding hand. such a boys r good you’re telling………. then what is answer for this……….

every one is saying that girls are not good… the don’t marry a girl, then don’t trust your sis and mom also…

I agree with, Richi.
Girls only know to hurt boys, till de break totally.
If they get another handsome guy, chale uske sath friendship krne.
Fir phone no denge. Chatting with them till late nite.. And her lover bichara usse lagta hai ki usski gf sirf usse love krti hai..
Girls ko sirf hurt krna & affair with boys. Never never trust girls plz. . . .
One day they definately break u 100%.. Don’t love, and be happy. Girls jitni bholi hone ka natak karti hai. Usse kahi jada vo shatir hote. Bs kabhi pyar mat kro plz. . Boys ar best. This 21th century guys. Girls are not as we thaught. And not true.

u r 100% correct..u can trust n animal bt dnt make a mistake of trusting guls…those boys do the ri8 thng who just play around wt them..they deserv tht..nt boys love.

yaaaa it’s right……..

trust on girls r too difficult,,i thought i knew how she is,,,but u never know the girl,,,this is the generation next and never trust on girls

thanks buddies for supporting me i have no words to praise u ppl thanks m not alone ………..friends r most important in life trust them waste of trusting girls hatss off to u dudessss great

No all are not same because my GF loves me a lot.

Very true. I love it

99% girls are like that …

every boy has a girl in his life 4 her he can do anythng… Doesnt matter hw big a flirt he is he always hv a gal in her mind which is his top priority nd he can leave evythng 4 her… Nd i can bet each nd evry boy hv 1.
But 90% of gals dn hv a specific name.. Cos dey always want a safe side nd dey keep 2,3 standby names 4 dem…dis is d mentality of gals… Around 90% of gals…

sahi hai yar……….

As Far As My knowledge as well as experience is concerned we should not trust on girls. girls have almost two faces. to find a true & trustful girl at present society is impossible

We can’t justify girls in a single word. They are untrustworthy, selfish, emotionless, heartless, the best players in the world.

all gals ar same ,never believe thm ..

agar aap kisi ko dhokha dene main kamyab ho jate hai, to ye mat sochiye ke vo kitna bewakoof hai,balke ye sochiye ke use aap per kitna vishvas hai.

all girls are same ………..

Never trust girls…….2day ma lyf is worst juz bcoz of trusting a girl she broked ma trust.. Nw i cnt trust any 1 or love any1, not even myself….


girls r trustworthy.if U think they r not……… den y U trust dem?????????? got it?????????

SAPNA-plz dont wait for that guy who didnt loved u…………leaved u for another girl go to him and give a hard slap on his face………..because he deserves that

all girls are same

all girls r same d only difference is that some shows at initial stage rest after that.

this is right. never trust girls but boys also leave girls …
i perfectly agree with mr lonely..
we must not think what happen in past. Just hope everything will be going to be ok some day.

I agree with the girls quotes that all girls are not same. Few says that girls heart is so soft which couldn’t bear a hit, but dear I would like to let you all know that all hearts are same, when some body come to know that his/her love is flirting with him/her, it’s unbearable, I pray to God, “please don’t break anybody’s heart”. Its pain is unbearable.

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