Love Poems - Page 27

Images of YOU

DownUp +15

My imagination could possibly capture
even the slightest bit of the magic
i’d felt since the day we meet
the unmistakable look in your eyes
the tremor in your voice
how our conversation can restore happiness
funny how we joke
can turn the whole day around
for all the thoughtfull words we share
helped along by our laugh
the more i got to know you
the more i liked you
how you let me
how much i mean to you
i allow myself to go to the place
it wasn’t mean to be
so i thought im yours
i can honestly swear that i love you
for what we’ve already shared
and i love you
now for the anticipation
of all that’s to come
can i help it
if i dont want this to end just yet
that years down the road
we can have what most people
can only dream about
i miss you already
but im sure in my heart
that you’ll be with me forever
im going to look at the year ahead
as a chance to know you even better
than i do
my thought of you that keep me going
i love you.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).


DownUp -3

Funny how love can hurt
before it even comes
when you meet someone
and take a chance to ask
if they’d like to say hello
and they warmly agree
it gives you hope
your heart still lives
you chit and chat
set a date
trying not to let hope
rise too far
your mind tell your heart
not to race ahead
unfortunately the heart
just doesn’t learn
it always cling to the dream
it could be the one
that will hold it fast and warm
just as the heart
begins to convince the mind
they have a chance
a call come that spoil the dance
and love hurts
before it even comes
crushed once again
the heart reapet
will i ever learn
in kindness the mind replies
dont give up hope
though love can hurt
im sure oneday
it wont just be a dream.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

OH I am In LOve

DownUp +40

Under blanket of goose-pimples,
I feel your lust-full bear hug.
I drained melting in your arms.,
tying tiny droplets of my passion.
Adoring on your forehead,
Like flash of falling stars in night sky.
I view anxiety dancing on your naval
World vanishes behind your eyes.
Eyelids droop down lazily.

I never wish to open my eyelashes,
as my body fill in your torso.
When you retire exhausted,
I doodled love on your skin.
fulfilling my secret desires.
I watch you caressing my passion.
Intoxicated by your body odor,
Mixed with lingering stale perfume;
I carry my self away into ecstasy,
Oh I am in love with you.

Submitted by Satheesan Rangorath.

I Remember

DownUp +3

I remember nights
when it wouldn’t matter
if the rain would fall
i remember days
if the shine would shine
from behind the clouds
i remember times
when laughter is all we heard
there was nothing including our selves
i remember every moment that we shared
we listen giving praise
and understanding mends the hurt within
sometimes just a thought
i remember things we used to do
so much fun,so little fear
one adventure to another
always on the go
i remember all this
after all we’ve been through
each time i simply open my eyes
i see you still looking back at me.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

When Love Greet You

DownUp 0

Thinking about you …
How do I love to greet you …
All of such a deadly disease ..

If silence is about to find the soul who never slept,
they are stars, moon, and the black sky …

If the star seemed to stop time, because he is a Nighrstalker
and the night watchman who actually ..

when it collapsed and fell silent waiting for the arrival of a star is the brightest star among thousands of others …
And when he comes, I’ll beg for you not always present in each of dreams ….

Aaarrggghhh shit ….
Why are you sowing the seeds of beauty in every dream my sleep??
And why did you make me adrift, standing stiffly in the drizzling rain?
Why when I make a shadow that continues to follow the journey of your life without being able to enter the beauty of your world??

As the evening rain, even though time stopped …
Behind you is I was being …
Just behind you ….
And remain always behind you …

If you would not have happened …
So I’ll try to get used to seeing the beauty of your love with your eyes closed …

This spirit will love you until the end of his life …
If breathing is stopped, then I’ll Leave love to the stars …
That he always protect you when the night before ..

Submitted by vickydestiny.

God’s Gift To Me

DownUp +8

The Smell of your hair
The taste of your kiss
These are the things
That I can never dare to miss
The sound of your voice
The feel of your hand
They affect me in ways
You could never understand
The love in your heart
The peace in your eyes
They make me feel
Like I want to cry
You are a gift
That God gave to me
And I can just feel
That we are meant to be
I’ll love you forever
I know you do too
For it’s only a short while
Before we say “I do”

Submitted by paromita.

Love iZ PAin..

DownUp +2

My stomach turns when I think of you
And it makes me so sick
It hurts to get over someone you love so much
Sometimes it just makes you want to cry
Its when you love someone but they dont love you
And you love them so much it hurts
When someone makes you wait for an answer and you never get it
Or when they aren’t ready yet but you thought they were
That’s when love hurts
Its when you want them to notice you love them
And they ignore all the signs
But most of all when your with the one person you love for what seems like forever
And they just leave without looking back or saying good-bye
That’s when love really hurts
So I take this knife and stab it through your heart
And hope you never love again
Only because love hurts..

Submitted by RaCheL..()...