2007! SO WHAT! !

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I watched in horror,
your pride was tilting.
The landscape was losing the freedom of anonymity.
The labels were rejecting,
the moods of winds,
and embarrassing the consensual sleep.

Where was the need of constructing the arches
on ugly roads,
when mob was indulging in incestuous manner?
Incognito moves the truth, crest fallen.

I had been on edge since long.
This human atrophy was appalling,
while I was searching a doomed culture,
in orchards of wits.

Two thousand seven, and still our angular limbs
cannot move the time.

Submitted by Satish Verma.


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Looked naïve, but he was
elevating himself on the heap of lights
unlearning the human commitment.
Hunger was his weapon
to level the uprising of underprivileged.

This monarch of darkness
picks up the best,
insists on low profiles.
We were searching fossils
under the rocks
to decipher the shadows of history.

Between the glory of hardened footprints,
we found the labels.
Contents unknown but enough to browse.

They were weightless
and soaring high.
But I was not able to survive.

Submitted by Satish Verma.


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It was a fascinating night
like albino children playing in park.
I was gazing at sky.

The years have gone by one by one.
I am still walking on dead leaves
refusing the fruits.
This was me, no urge, no need,
the leather worn out but
feet are intact.

A continous civil war among the windows
suffers the grace. Stupidities of house.

You collect the garbage whole life
and when time comes to depart,
make a bonfire of your winnings.
We are ageing like wall paper
and talking to doors. The guest
is coming at last.

Submitted by Satish Verma.


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A skylight begins the apartheid
in ironed out differences.
At the shores skulls have reappeared.

Blue flames were eating away the green carbon
of the dying giants. Fake photosynthesis
was canning the skimmed breeze in books

and encapsulated euthanasia was available
over the counters. Eyeshadows were hiding
the dying grace. Tempest would go for a classical dance

only. Counting of heads had begun. Price hike
of black arrows would decide the fate of a nation.
Hunger was writ large on cheekbones of

roaming rocks, shining the landscapes.
The chorus spreads like eau de cologne
over the solitude of my homeland.

Submitted by Satsih Verma.


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Beyond the gaze there is a time zone
of rumored agitation
when you cannot sleep.
You open your eyes quietly to complain.

The caretaker has prepared the shroud, .
Smoke is rising on the hills.
No body walks with you,
it is a lone journey, where
centuries throw the dust on your hallowed gifts.

The pyramid of signs, symbols, signatures,
disappear in penultimate flare.
Time to leave the waiting room.

The resurrection will take place now;
of fear; of despair; of foot steps in dark.
I will hear them, holding my breath.

Landscape will change into valley of tears.

Submitted by Satish Verma.


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One’s existence was threatened
by the overseeing iguana like crested disguise.
Repressive, explosive eyes. You
are trapped in words beneath bewitching
smile. The V sign for violence
becomes more obvious. That hits
you in face.

The eastern wind is blowing. Cold and chilly.
An odyssey of massacre and blood bath.
The mayhem of democratic jam. Fingers
crossed, we wait for a miracle to happen.
Someone turns back the tide and sharp knives
are taken out from the flesh. A diminutive man
wears giant shoes, prepares for a long jump.

Donor of the egg was unknown
surrogate mother was on price.

Submitted by Satsih Verma.

Non – ‘I’

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I intend to move away from myself
as apologia for sadness,
Could not give up the zen,
powerless, breathless, drowning,
in my skin, my viens,
sharing the existence of undoing,
what was something.
Nobody I am, connecting to you
by flames of aristocracy of pain,
for eternal slavery.

Primitive memory hurts. Give me your tears.
The world is struck by salutation to sun
I am free to put a mask
and light the dead wood.

Submitted by Satish Verma.

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