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Long night will start the pincer movement;
pyrexia is rising.
Something like an extraterrestrial hand
digs deep in the mind to open the tomb
to unravel the tragedy of nuts and bolts
which could not fix
the mutation of the hour of death.

Dark blinking lashes of soul
measures the cliffs of silence
and then pours the hot red
vermilion in parted wisdom of sky.

The clang of bones again penetrates
the liver. The green flaming jelly of
innocent bellies.
The hyacinth is choking the village pond
hiding the corpses of precious flowers
with green blood.

One day foundation of skeletons will build a
temple of hope.

Submitted by Satish Verma.


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I must accept the insignificance
and solve the puzzle of night.
Possessed sunlight always pursues
the shadows of words.

Philosophy of veils descends on awareness
casting silhoutte of differences.
Nocturnal sweat of sky
overwhelms the grass with dew.

I pick up the fallen stars on my eyelids.
A love affair of moon smarts in wind.
Right now I want peace with myself.

Summons of death will arrive,
when you would have finished your innings,
and start dressing up to welcome
the beautiful sunset.

Submitted by Satish Verma.

My Proverbs 31 Wife

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My earthly desire is to have…
a woman comprised of softness,
both in flesh and soul.
Her presence offsets the hardness
of everyday living that bluntly smacks me.
To be with a spirit, overflowing with joy,
greeting me daily with unexpected sweetness,
soothes all internal bruises from
the day’s accumulation of subtle brutality.
Rubies belie her value to me;
her natural radiance permeates my core,
allowing me to experience intimacy.

Submitted by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd.

His Blessings

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His blessings upon my life flow -
No matter where I am
or wherever I happen to go.

Overcoming the curse of Mankind,
is a consuming, infinite Love
from the One declared divine.

As I continue inside His Will,
sheltered by Sacrificial grace,
His many promises are fulfilled.

Truly blessed, to be a blessing
is simple for anyone to see -
As I’m fully submerged… in God’s covering.

Submitted by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd.


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A candid confession from you,
when your identity started protruding
from innocent rage.

You were accepting defeat
without a fight.

The lips tell the grief of human failure,
your prudence propped up
by Prozac.

A beautiful collection of anxieties
adorned on the shelf of life.

A cruise in veins
to dispel the high cholesterol
dewy-eyed mirror
and ambulating pain.

Submitted by Satish Verma.

A Sinner Like Me

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Pushing this flesh into alignment,
guided by The Word most holy and pure,
I’m striving to learn principles
for a sanctified life to endure.

My Lord loves me without hesitation
and allowed a part of Himself to die.
He’s calling me homeward without reservation;
by His Spirit, to His side, I’ll eventually fly.

Knowing I’m a child of His,
during trying times I find true encouragement.
I’m able to lean on His strength
while in search of heavenly ascent.

Stumbling forward with pained progress,
I’ve chosen to turn myself towards Thee.
On Your path, lit by spiritual Light, I’m hoping…
That You will still forgive… a sinner like me.

Submitted by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd.


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I must not go beyond sunset
to discover the consciousness of night,
Standing alone on a cliff
I was ready to jump for salvation
atoning for guilt of survival.

My regret was time
and timeless suffering.
Where was the maturity of age?
Mind must go for the beloved ones
for a virginal touch of flawless blaze.

They should have come to join the prayer
not for me, but for the dying sun,
and white valley of fears.
Half my tongue sings for the shade
and half I cry mutely.

Submitted by Satish Verma.

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