Tomorrow There Will Be A Lecture On Sun

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Teacher: Tomorrow there will be a lecture on Sun. Everyone must attend it.
Bittu: No! I will not be able to attend it.
Teacher: Why?
Bittu: My mother will not allow me to go so far !!

“An Idea Can Change Your Wife (LIFE)”

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Million Copies Of A New Book Sold In Just Two Days Due To Typing Error In Title i.e.


Wife Comes Home Late at Night & Quietly Opens The Door To Her Bedroom

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Wife comes home Late at Night & Quietly Opens the door to her bedRoom.

From under the Blanket She Sees 4 Legs Instead Of 2.

She reaches for a Baseball Bat & Starts hitting the Blanket as hard as She can.

Once She’s done, She goes to the Kitchen to have a drink..

As She Enters, She Sees Her Husband there, Reading a Magazine..

“Hi Darling” He say; Your Parents have come to Visit us, so I Let them stay in Our bedRoom. Hope U have said Hello!

What Would You Do If I Died?

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WIFE: What would you do if i died?

Would you get married again?
Husband: No…

Wife- Why not?
Don’t you like being married?

Husband: Of course i do.

Wife: Then why wouldn’t you remarry?

Husband: Ok, ok, i’d get married again…

Wife: Would you live in our house with your new Wife…?

Husband: Yes, it’s a great house.

Wife: Would you let her drive my car ?

Husband: Yes, its almost new, dear .

Wife: Would you give her my jewelry?

Husband: No.. I am sure she would want her own..

Wife: Would she wear my shoes..?

Husband: No, her size is ’5

Wife: –silence-

Husband: ‘shiiit’…!!!

4 Dangerous Weapons In The World, Bigger Than Nuclear Bomb

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4 dangerous weapons in the world bigger than nuclear bomb:

1. Wife’s Smile
2. Wife’s Tear
3. Wife’s Looks

And the most dangerous,

4. Wife’s Missed Call.!

Just A Radio With A Sports Car Around It.

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Father : Son, what do you want for your birthday?
Son : Not that much dad, just a radio with a sports car around it.

Man To A Lady In a Crowded Mall

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Man to a Lady In a Crowded mall: I have Lost My Wife, Will you Please talk to Me for A second
Lady: why?
Man: because whenever I Talk to Ladies She Appears From nowhere like a ghost…..

That Boy And Girl Are Fighting For A Chewing GUM

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A Kid On His Way 2 Home With His Mom Saw A Couple Kissing On The Road,
He Suddenly Shouted & Said: Look Mom look, that boy and girl Are Fighting For A Chewing GUM.

Exams Are Like Girl Friends

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Exams are like girl friends
- difficult 2 understand
- too many questions
- more explanations are needed And results are most of the time failure…..

I Am Just Happy That Cows Don’t Fly!

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Birdy birdy in the sky
Dropped a poopy in my eyes,
I do not worry I do not cry
I am just happy that cows don’t fly!

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