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  • dream girl

    Once, when in my deepest thought
    With my eyes closed tight for a while
    I dreamed of a girl, who loved me madly
    And she came into my world, with a smile.
    She brightened my life with
    her passionate love
    And pierced my soul with her spear
    When she touched me, I felt it so soothing
    As she whispered 'I love you my dear'.
    Her fingers gently combed my hair
    And she taught me the meaning of love
    As she shared her beautiful treasures with me
    My heart began fluttering like a dove,
    It was then that I knew for certain,
    I really was truly in love.
    When I woke up It was just but a dream
    And my heart was filled with much sorrow
    Of course its not the end,
    because there's always another tomorrow.

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    “Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true[/URL]” i wish ur all dreams come true dear.....


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      thanx prabh g


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        hahha,,,,ehna wada ,,chota kar k likhia kar oyee,,,hehhe
        chal koi na tere dreams v pure ho jange tension na le